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 Robby and Dave are two relatively well-adjusted men who are in an open, but very committed relationship.

It all started more than 25 years ago at Hoedowns, a cowboy bar in Atlanta, Georgia. Picture this - a short handsome man with a black cowboy hat, very dark beard, named Glenn (with TWO "n"s). First he talks to the tall man with the brown beard who is dancing - then to the very tall redhead standing with his friends - back and forth.

Finally Dave walks over and introduces himself to Robby saying "...is that your boyfriend trying to pick me up?" Robby replies "No, I thought he was your boyfriend. He keeps coming over here and hitting on me and then going back to you. What's up?" We talk, dance, and discuss Glenn who is standing off by himself.

As we leave together Glenn says "Glad to see SOMEONE is going home with you..." We are not sure who is talking to.....
We wish we knew who Glenn was, and how to reach him, to tell him thanks for being such an asshole - and getting us together.

We visited back and forth for a few weeks:

Dave: I really like you, but I don't want a relationship. I have a nice house, career, and just threw out a redhead. I am happy being single.
Robby: I really like you. I have seen what my friends call a "relationship" and I don't want to spend my life fighting. What's the point?

Three months later:
How about you move in - it will be a one-year agreement - sort of a test period? If things don't work out we can just part as friends. But don't expect me to change.... I hate old black and white movies. Fine, but why would anyone want to ski? By the way, did you see that handsome man with great moustache?

A year later:
Time to renew our agreement. How about we just make this permanent? I really enjoy the things we have in common, and am cool with the things you like to do by yourself. By the way, this handsome man with a beard is coming to dinner. He says he knows you....

We believe that a true relationship does not mean trying to change anything about the other person, but it does require commitment, companionship, and communication.

We believe in the three C's:

Committment is when you feel strongly about the other person, put them first, and trust them completely. It is not about giving in, but it is about compromise.
Companionship means doing many things together and sharing some (but not all) interests in common. This is not codependence. We love each other deeply - but remain two individuals.
Communication is the open and honest sharing of yourself - both good and bad, happy and sad - so that the other person knows how he fits into the picture as a whole.

Many other people can influence your life. They may involve one or both of you physically, emotionally, or spiritually for long or short periods of time. These people are all important - as part of your past and your future. They represent growth rather than threat. It is the on-going three C's that make or break the relationship.

I'm Amazed
....I've never been this close to anyone or anything
I can hear your thoughts, I can see your dreams.
I don't know how you do what you do, I'm so in love with you, it just keeps getting better.
I want to spend the rest of my life, with you by my side, forever and ever.
Every little thing that you do, baby I'm amazed by you.....

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