Wuzzle & Wizard


This is where Wizard is supposed to fill in what he wants to say.....for now Wuzzle has it filled in.

Wizard has worked as a professional chef -- and as such is a great cook. He seems to be able to take almost nothing from the pantry and create a feast. We eat well -- people come to dinner when he does something fancy and laughingly say " I'll bet you don't eat like this all the time" --- and I reply "YES, we do!"

He is also the decorator....and has done wonders with each house. I bitch about how hard it is to paint every wall a different color from the paint strip -- and keep track of all the cans -- but the result is great. 

I sent him a post card from the Great Wall in China and wrote "but you would want to paint each section a different color" when I got home I ran across this advertisement for Sherwin-Williams Paint.

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